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Ingal TL3 End Terminal WRSB
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Ingal TL3 End Terminal WRSB 2
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Ingal TL3 End Terminal WRSB 3
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Ingal TL3 End Terminal WRSB 4
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Ingal TL3 End Terminal WRSB 5
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Ingal TL3 End Terminal WRSB 6

TL3 End Terminal WRSB

Please note, inline with the Austroads transition to MASH compliant systems, the Flexfence system may no longer be approved for new installs in your jurisdiction, please consult your local Ingal representative for further information. For a fully compliant MASH TL4 WRSB, please refer to our MashFlex system.

The TL3 End Terminal cable barrier has been crash tested to meet the requirements of NCHRP Report 350 TL3. It can be used on all new installations or retrofitted to existing Flexfence installations. The TL3 Terminal uses standard Flexfence posts that are shortened in length providing a gradual tapering of the cable barriers to an anchor bracket concreted into the ground.

The crash test assessment of the TL3 End Terminal required end-on impacts, a re-directive impact and a reverse impact. All these impacts were successfully performed without releasing the cables from the anchor bracket.

The non-release of cables allows the downstream system to remain tensioned and functional in the event of secondary impacts. This is an important design consideration as nuisance impacts on wire rope systems can often go undetected. An anchor designed to release cables results in a loss of tension in the system. The system may subsequently fail to offer barrier redirection until repair at the anchor is performed.

pdf_download Flexfence TL3 Data Sheet

Note. Before installation, ensure the variant of highway safety barrier is accepted for use by the final asset owner.

  Flexfence TL3 End Terminal - 6th Post Impact

Drawing Number




TL3 End Terminal



Tension Panel Arrangement


Note. Before installation, ensure the variant of highway safety barrier is accepted for use by the final asset owner.