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Welcome to Ingal Civil Products

Ingal Civil Products is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of highway safety barrier systems. A division of Industrial Galvanizers Corporation Pty Ltd, we are part of a large network of companies specialising in engineered steel products and galvanizing services whilst employing over 8000 people in more than 20 countries. At Ingal Civil Products we pride ourselves on having made a significant contribution to the safety of our roads. Our product range includes MASH compliant road safety barriers, carpark & industrial barriers, workzone & traffic control products, delineation and fencing products. We are the market leader for safety barrier systems and continue to service our customers through our ongoing program of research and development.


MASH Guardrail

We offer the full range of W-Beam guardrail systems used in Australia, from MASH TL3 compliant Ezy-Guard Smart to TL4 Ezy-Guard HC. >>> Read more


W-Beam End Terminals

Ingal Civil Products' offer an extensive range of guardrail terminals including the MASH compliant ET-SS and the NCHRP-350 compliant ET2000. >>> Read more


MashFlex TL4 WRSB

Wire Rope Safety Barriers with a containment level of MASH TL4, offer much lower occupant impact risk values when compared to rigid barriers. >>> Read more

Car park & Industrial

Our range of off-highway barriers includes specialised AS1170 systems for use in car parks, warehouses, loading docks and industrial sites.
>>> Read more


Motorcycle Protection

With Level 1 impact severity, Ingal MPR offers the highest level of protection for motorcyclists impacting roadside hazards. >>> Read more

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Crash Cushions

Ingal Civil Products' range of crash cushions include the MASH QuadGuard M10 family. Available in speeds from 60 km/h to 120 km/h and widths up to 3.2 m. >>> Read more

Latest Projects

et-ss mash terminal tl3 picton
Picton Road, NSW
Supply of MASH TL4 Ezy-Guard HC ET-SS MASH terminals & QuadGuard M10
tsrc truck
Toowoomba SRC
Supply of 66km of MASH TL4 Ezy-Guard High Containment road barrier
Perth, WA
Supply of 52km of Flexfence TL4 wire rope safety barrier with non-release terminals
Chittering, WA
Ezy-Guard Smart road barrier with Ingal MPR & ET2000 Plus end terminals

Latest News

Ingal Rigid Barrier Transition now ASBAP approved

June 2023

We are pleased to announce the Ingal RBT is now an ASBAP approved connection for Ezy-Guard 4 and Ezy-Guard HC...Further info >>

TREND Median Terminal now ASBAP approved

Apr 2023

We are pleased to announce the MASH Test Level 3, TREND Median terminal is now ASBAP approved...Further info >>

Baseplated TL3 ET-SS now ASBAP approved

Feb 2023

We are pleased to announce the TL3 configuration of the ET-SS on baseplates is now ASBAP approved...Further info >>

MashFlex now approved to MASH TL4

April 2022

MashFlex® wire rope safety barrier is now approved as a MASH TL4 barrier...Further info >>

Ingal MPR now approved for use on Ezy-Guard HC

March 2022

The low severity motorcyclist protection system can now be used on the MASH TL4 Ezy-Guard HC...Further info >>

Download Ingal Civil Products Catalogues and Brochures

May 2023

Download the latest Ingal Civil Products catalogue and brochures, with details on many of our new MASH compliant products...Further info >>

Where to find us

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