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Ingal Civil Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of road safety barrier systems. A division of Industrial Galvanizers Corporation Pty Ltd, we are part of a large network of companies specialising in engineered steel products and galvanizing services.

Employing over 8000 people in more than 20 countries, we at Ingal Civil Products pride ourselves on having made a significant contribution to the safety of our roads.

Our product range includes road safety barriers, carpark & industrial barriers, workzone & traffic control products, delineation and fencing products.

We are the market leader for safety barrier systems and continue to service our customers through our ongoing program of research and development.


Road Safety Barriers

Ingal Civil Products' road safety barriers (including WRSB, guardrail and crash barriers and high containment barriers) have been developed over the years to safely redirect vehicles that leave the roadway. >>> Read more


Installation Rigs

The successful functionality of our road safety barriers is dependent upon the quality of the installation. Orteco installation rigs are built for Australian conditions with a powerful impact driver for tough...>>> Read more


Carpark Barriers

Our range of car park crash barriers and industrial products are specifically designed for use in car parks, warehouses, logistics yards, factory facilities, retail parks, loading bays and non-roadside applications. >>> Read more


Highway Noise Wall

The Genus Noisewall™ barriers are; comprehensively tested, UV stablised, patented high performance acoustic panels designed for reducing vehicular and train noise in road, rail, and urban locations. >>> Read more


Temporary Barriers

Through innovative design, Ingal Civil Products’ ArmorCade™ delineator is a water-filled road barrier that can be installed straight or with acute radius curves, with the option to form a continuous delineator, if required. >>> Read more


TMA & Bump Trucks

Our workzone and traffic control products are designed to keep road-workers safe. Our workzone barriers are designed to safely shield construction crews and are crash tested for increased safety. >>> Read more