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Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of road safety barrier systems (including bollards and guard rails), Ingal Civil Products has made a significant contribution to the safety of our roads. We are proud of our reputation as a supplier of innovative, high quality products, such as guardrail systems and many other road safety items, backed by our professional sales representatives.

Our product range favourites include the Flexbeam guardrail, MashFlex wire rope safety barrier, QuadGuard crash cushions and the ET-SS guardrail end terminal.

The Ezy-Guard family is our range of guardrail products with MASH TL3 and TL4 compliant options, providing superior motorist safety and installation benefits. The Ezy-Guard family has options to suit a standard MASH TL3 installation or locations requiring low deflection or installs near steep slopes.

Other recent additions to our product range include spring steel buffa, ArmorBuffa workzone barriers, pedestrian fencing and motorcyclist protection barriers.

Our commitment to product development through rigorous crash testing ensures that our customers are well equipped with high quality bollards and many other road safety items.

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