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Company Profile

Ingal Civil Products is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of safety barrier systems for roads and carpark applications. At Ingal Civil Products, we pride ourselves on having made a significant contribution to the safety of our roads. The company was the first to introduce FLEXBEAM and THRIEBEAM guardrail systems to the pacific region and continues to invest in the development of new products with improved safety performance.

Our product range has grown to include MashFlex Wire Rope Safety Barrier, QuadGuard Crash Attenuation Cushions, the ET-SS guardrail end terminal, and many other products designed to protect motorists from roadside hazards. We also offer a full suite of crash tested carpark safety barriers and products.

Our range of guardrail products includes the Ezy-Guard family, which includes the MASH TL3 Ezy-Guard 4 all the way up to the MASH TL4 Ezy-Guard HC, with low deflection options to suit every project. The innovative z-post design offers a MASH compliant guardrail barrier providing superior motorist safety and installation benefits. Ezy-Guard has fewer components, rapid installation and high performance.

We are proud of our reputation as a supplier of innovative, high quality products backed by our professional sales representatives. Customer service is a high priority to Ingal Civil Products and in keeping with this philosophy we have established distribution centres and sales offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. This ensures that the company's sales representatives are well positioned to service your needs with prompt attention.