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Ingal Civil Trusted Trader Accreditation

Ingal Civil Products are proud to announce we have been accredited as an Australian Trusted Trader by the Australian Border Force.

Australian Trusted Trader is a scheme to reduce red tape for Trusted Traders at the border, improved certainty in export markets, and expedites the flow of their cargo in and out of Australia, which means faster access to market. Administered by the Dept. of Home Affairs with the Australian Border Force, Trusted Trader accredits Australian businesses with compliant trade practices and a secure supply chain.

As a Trusted Trader, the Australian Border Force has determined our business as low risk and gives priority treatment at the border. This means faster customs processing, fewer interventions and quicker delivery to our customers overseas.

Imports from Australian Trusted Traders are also seen as low risk and undergo fewer checks when they arrive at their overseas destination.

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