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New Product Introduction:
ET-SS MASH guardrail End Terminal 

Now fully VicRoads approved for use with the Ezy-Guard family

With the transition to MASH compliant barriers (AS/NZS 3845.1) at the 1st Jan 2020, the approval status many common NCHRP-350 compliant systems has been moved to legacy. This means that no new installations are permitted on the VicRoads network. Replacing the ET2000 and TREND-350 terminals is the ET-SS end terminal which is fully VicRoads approved and compliant to MASH Test Level 3.

Using next generation tension based anchoring, the terminal has been successfully tested to the rigorous testing protocol set out in MASH TL3. Amongst the seven capacity tests required, the redirective test under MASH TL3 is the containment and redirection of a 2270kg utility at 100km/h and 25 degrees. This test represents a 73% increase in impact energy compared to the old systems. MASH also requires testing under many shallow impact angles, in which the tension based terminals offer superior motorist safety.

For a fully MASH compliant system, the ET-SS can be used with all the variants in the Ezy-Guard family, including Ezy-Guard Smart and 4, and also the MASH TL4 compliant Ezy-Guard High Containment (HC).

For the current VicRoads acceptance letters, see the below downloads and for further information on the ET-SS, please click here.

VicRoads Detail Sheet – ET-SS

VicRoads Detail Sheet – Ezy-Guard Smart

VicRoads Detail Sheet – Ezy-Guard 4

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