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Ingal's Ezy-Guard 4 now accepted in NSW

Ingal Civil Products is pleased to announce the recent acceptance by RMS-NSW of the Ezy-Guard 4 system. This is the first W-Beam barrier system in Australia to receive acceptance at NCHRP-350 TL4 and MASH TL3 containment levels. NCHRP-350 Test Level 4 is the containment and redirection of an 8000kg truck, impacting the barrier at 80km/h and 15°.

Ezy-Guard 4 continues to offer the superior vehicle occupant protection from the Ezy-Guard Smart system, now with the added containment of the TL4 truck.

Product acceptances in the other states around Australia is progressing.

For more information on the Ezy-Guard 4 system, contact Ingal Civil Products on 02 9827 3333 or your local state office.


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