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Main Roads WA:

Acceptance of Flexfence TL4


Flexfence TL4 has now been added to the accepted safety barrier products list of Main Roads WA, now giving the system acceptance in NZ and in all states of Australia.

The TL3 Flexfence system has been approved throughout Australia for many years, however, the new system with increased containment to TL4 has been introduced to a number of states over the last few years. The system was recently accepted by the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel, leading to this acceptance by Main Roads WA.

The system has been fully crash tested in accordance with NCHRP Report 350 TL4, which is containment of the 8000kg truck at 80km/h and 15° impact angle, and a 2000kg utility at 100km/h and 25°. The improved system offers reduced working width and deflections when compared to the older system. Anchoring of the system is with the Flexfence TL3 Terminal offering huge benefits with its non-release characteristics.

Further information on Flexfence TL4 or the TL3 terminal can be found here, or please contact your local Ingal Civil Products representative on 1800 803 795.

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