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Acceptance of Ezy-Guard in Vic & SA

news_ezy-guard-smart_2013Ezy-Guard Smart has now been added to the accepted safety barrier products list of Main Roads WA, now giving the system acceptance in all states of Australia.

Installed on a trial basis at the Esperance Port Access Corridor, this install was deemed a success. The project included over 4km of Ezy-Guard Smart with a mix of ET2000 Plus and Trailing Terminal end terminals.

Developed by Ingal Civil Products, Ezy-Guard Smart has been fully crash tested and evaluated according to the specifications for MASH Test Level 3, this is the containment of a 2270kg vehicle impacting the barrier at 100km/h at an angle of 25°.

Ezy-Guard Smart imposes lower forces to the impacting vehicle than traditional guardrail barriers through its dynamic containment capabilities, the system utilises a post carriage which greatly improves rail disengagement from the post compared to standard guardrail systems, where the rail is bolted to the block. As the barrier deflects, vehicle impact energy is dissipated, reducing occupant risk forces and minimising vehicle damage.

For further information on Ezy-Guard Smart, please contact Ingal Civil Products on 1800 803 795.

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