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Ingal's New Apple & Android Mobile App

Ingal has just launched a new app for iPad, iPhone and android devices which offers you another way to access and consume our online technical data and materials.

The sleek app provides a convenient platform, where you can access and store our Product Manuals and drawings. It also includes new features which can help with your installation. Once you have accessed a product manual or drawing, it is automatically stored on your device. The advantage? This solves future installations of our products in remote locations with poor internet connection. Some of other new features include:

  • Flexfence Terminal Flare calculator: For locations where the WRSB terminal needs to be flared away from the straight line of the barrier, this calculator will provide you the exact locations of each post to achieve the required flare. Simply enter the offset distance of Post 1, post spacing of the longitudinal barrier (typically 2.5 or 3m), and the desired flare radius. The recommended min flare radius is 300m with the absolute minimum being 200m.
  • Guardrail Radius Tool: This tool can be used in car park or highway applications where pre-curved rail is required. W-Beam can be field curved down to a radius of 40m, below this will need to be field curved in our factory. Simply measure the chord length and the perpendicular height from the centre of the curve to the chord, enter these into the fields and your curving radius will be calculated.

The app also has a photo entry function where photos of your install can be submitted to enter our monthly competition, the best photo goes up on our website and the winner gets a $100 Dan Murphy’s voucher!!

Available on Apple Store

Ingal Android App for Mobile

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