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New Product Introduction:
Highway Guard

Minimum Deflection, Portable Steel Barrier

HighwayGuard™ LDS is a MASH 16 TL-3 compliant steel safety barrier. The 6m single barrier section, with the unique T-Connector provides quicker installation, removal and separation of barrier sections. It also offers the ability to remove sections within a run to create access gaps, replace damaged sections or alter barrier runs.

The unique patented T-Connector can be left connected to one piece of barrier. Installation only requires another piece of barrier to be connected (in any direction). Any later barrier alterations, or maintenance works are quick and simple.

Compact dimensions and weight keep logistics costs down and the optional angled sections and T-Connectors ensure ability to smoothly handle difficult geometries. The HighwayGuard can also be transitioned to existing BG800® steel barrier.

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