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New BarrierGuard Gate now available!

Ingal Civil Products NEW BarrierGuard Median Gate now available in Australia and New Zealand through Ingal Civil Products! The BarrierGuard Gate can be used to provide emergency access in a run of longitudinal barrier - be that BarrierGuard Steel Barrier, in-situ concrete median barrier, or precast concrete barrier. Fully tested and compliant in all states, the BarrierGuard Gate is available in lengths of up to 30 metres.

BarrierGuard Median Gate

Designed as a modular system, BarrierGuard Gate can provide openings as small as 6m and can be extended using 3m or 6m modules to the required gate size.

Highly durable due to the BarrierGuard design, the gate has demonstrated that easy opening is still possible after a design impact (2000kg pickup, 25 degrees and 100 km/h). The specially developed wheel sets stored within the gate allow for both longitudinal and lateral movement, providing the operator with multiple opening and storage options.

Heavy duty, galvanised steel components offer minimum maintenance requirements with a maximum life expectancy.. for more information on the ​BarrierGuard Gate, contact Ingal Civil Products on 1800 803 795.

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