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Quadguard Crash Cushion
QuadGuard range now available
from Ingal Civil Products

Ingal Civil Products have long been the supplier of choice for Wire Rope Safety Barrier, Guard Rail and End Terminals. You will no doubt be familiar with FlexFence, Ezy-Guard, ET-2000 Plus and TRACC systems. Now QuadGuard systems are available exclusively from Ingal Civil Products.

QuadGuard, QuadGuard High Speed and QuadGuard Elite are available for permanent installations, and QuadGuard CZ for temporary work-zone protection.

QuadGuard systems are available in speeds from 40km/h to 120km/h, and can shield hazards up to 3200mm wide. Truly the most versatile crash cushion in the market.

A full range of transitions are available for W-beam and Thrie-Beam guard rail profiles, as well as F-shape, constant-slope and vertical concrete profiles. Transitions are also available for most temporary steel barriers.

For more information on the QuadGuard range, contact Ingal Civil Products on 1800 803 795.

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