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Ingal Civil Products awarded 2015 TAFE Apprentice Employer of the Year

Ingal Civil Products are hugely proud to announce we have been selected by TAFE Western Sydney Institute as the 2015 Apprentice Employer of the Year. This award was for the organisation which provided the best apprentice / trainee program incorporating TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute .

In 2014 we entered into a trainee-ship arrangement with TAFE Western Sydney with the aim of improving safety and efficiency for our main manufacturing facility in Minto where we employ almost 100 people.

Nineteen employees achieved nationally recognised qualifications in Competitive Systems and Practices which has resulted in decreased waste and overproduction, and developed a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

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Speaking at the awards ceremony, Robyn Lambert – TAFE NSW said “The trainees’ true abilities have been highlighted and recognised by management. This provides them with more control over their work and a greater voice within the organisation. In short if they speak, somebody will be listening”.