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Guardrail End Terminals

The primary purpose of a guardrail end terminal is to anchor the longitudinal barrier so it can safety redirect an errant vehicle. Some terminals are also energy absorbing to help mitigate the risks with a vehicle impacting the end of the highway safety barrier. Ingal Civil Products’ road safety barrier terminals are designed to reduce these risks, such as spearing, vaulting and rollover.

Our road safety barrier terminals are manufactured to Australian and International standards and our commitment is towards the promotion of road safety barrier end terminals crash tested in accordance with MASH 16 or NCHRP Report 350. Our quality controlled manufacturing and galvanising operation provides our customers with road safety barrier terminals they can depend upon.

Our highest rated guardrail end-terminal is the ET-SS, this has been fully crash tested to MASH TL3 and MASH TL2. This terminal uses a front anchored technology to keep the rail anchored during and after an impact.