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Bridge Transition

ASBAP Rigid Transition

The most common types of bridge barriers are rigid barriers, comprised of reinforced concrete walls or metal rails on concrete parapets. If improperly treated, the exposed ends of these barriers can pose a significant hazard to errant vehicles. In most instances an approach guardrail is used to shield the exposed end and to prevent vehicles from impacting these rigid ends.
Guardrail is typically more flexible than the bridge barriers to which they are attached. A transition section is therefore required wherever there is an increase in stiffness when going from a semi-rigid W-Beam/Thriebeam barrier into a more rigid bridge barrier.
Ezy-Guard 4 and Ezy-Guard HC are both approved for connection to the recently introduced ASBAP rigid transition. This is a longer transition compared to the older NCHRP-350 rigid transitions and uses the asymmetric transition panel and RHS blocks in place of the C-section blocks. Refer the technical drawings tab for more information.


Manual Tab.
Data Sheet Tab.
Drawing Number Description Updated
EZY-SM-148 Ezy-Guard 4 to ASBAP Rigid Transition Approach 30-06-2022
ASBAP Rigid Transition to Ezy-Guard 4 Departure  30-06-2022
EZY-SM-156 ASBAP Rigid Transition to Ezy-Guard 4 Dep Short 30-06-2022
EZY-HC-020 Ezy-Guard HC to ASBAP Rigid Transition  30-06-2022
STBA-21-005 ASBAP Tech Advice - PD Rigid Transition 23-09-2021
MD.R132.H01.B NSW W-Beam Connection to Type F Barrier 01-07-2001
MD.R132.H02.B NSW Thriebeam Connection to Type F Barrier 01-07-2001