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MELT Terminal

** Before design or installation, please check the current acceptance conditions for the MELT by the road controlling authority. Many Australian jurisdictions have moved the MELT to Legacy status, meaning no new installations. **

The Modified Eccentric Loader Terminal (MELT) is designed to provide a soft gating impact to prevent the end rail from spearing an impacting vehicle. The MELT terminal is installed on a parabolic offset with rails not bolted to posts to minimise the potential for vehicle penetration.

The MELT also introduces tensile and flexural strength necessary to ensure redirection performance of the length-of-need section.

Data Sheet Tab None.
Drawing Number Description Updated
CAB-STD-75 QLD Melt Isometric 05-04-2006
CAB-STD-74 QLD Melt General Arrangement 05-04-2006
CAB-STD-69 NSW Melt Isometric 07-10-2005
CAB-STD-68 NSW Melt General Arrangement 07-10-2005
CAB-STD-81 SA Melt Isometric 13-08-2009
CAB-STD-80 SA Melt General Arrangement 13-08-2009