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Quadguard Elite

QuadGuard® Elite

The new QuadGuard® Elite System offers the added value of reusable cylinders for applications with above-average impact frequency.

The system meets NCHRP 350, Test Levels 2 & 3 as a re-directive, non-gating crash cushion. The QuadGuard® Elite System's cylinders are made of high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE), a material that can withstand multiple impacts before requiring replacement.

After a typical design impact, the system is 99% to 100% reusable. A member of the QuadGuard® family, the QuadGuard® Elite System utilises many of the same components as the familiar QuadGuard®.

Features & Benefits:
- Durable, reusable HDPE cylinders provide low lifecycle cost
- QuadGuard® Elite will self-restore after many design impacts
- Meets NCHRP 350, Test Levels 2 & 3
- Compact design accommodates impacts up to 115km/h
- Shields hazards up to 2285mm wide
- Even the Flex-Belt nose is reusable after most design impacts


Drawing Number Description Updated
CAB-STD-082 TL3+ FASTRACC System 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-091 TRACC Transition to Thriebeam 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-092 TRACC Transition to W Beam 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-07 TRACC Single Sided Transition to Concrete Barrier 03/08/2009