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QuadGuard® M Wide
- MASH Crash Cushion

The QuadGuard M Wide is a MASH TL-3 crash cushion, able to effectively shield hazards up to 1755mm wide. Wider hazards may be accommodated by flaring outward with guardrail or concrete barrier.

The QuadGuard M Wide shares the basic architecture and a majority of components with the 610mm TL-3 QuadGuard M10, including the energy absorbing cartridges.

The QuadGuard® M Wide, as a member of the QuadGuard® family of crash cushions, consists of many of the same components as the Quad Guard®. The QuadGuard® M Wide is repairable after an impact within the MASH test standards
Features & Benefits:
- Compliant to MASH TL3.
- Able to shield hazards up to 1.75m wide
- Repairable after an impact within MASH test standards.
- High strength Quad-Beam™ panels.
- Does not use anchoring chains or tension cables.
- Consists of many of the same components as the QuadGuard family. 


Drawing Number Description Updated
QFMTSCVR-U Tension Strut Backup 28/06/2010
QUAD-STD-001 Quadguard Wide to Ezy-Guard 4
QUAD-STD-002 Quadguard Wide to Ezy-Guard HC  12/06/2020