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Guardrail delineator

Guardrail Delineation

The P.E.T. Guardrail Delineator is attached to the blocking pieces of FLEXBEAM and THRIEBEAM guardrail. Manufactured from impact modified nylon, and UV stabilised, the P.E.T. Delineator is long lasting and is highly visible. Each P.E.T. Delineator is fitted with high intensity and diamond grade material. The P.E.T. Delineator has no aggressive edges or corners reducing the potential for vehicle snagging.

When used with steel blocking pieces, the P.E.T. Delineator is secured with two setscrews. When used with Ingal blocking pieces, the delineator engages two slots and a ‘click-in’ motion eliminates the need for setscrews.

Manual Tab.
Drawing Number
 C1275  Delineator for C Blocking Piece 19-01-2007 
 C1277  Delineator for Ingal Blocking Piece 19-01-2007