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WRSB Wire Rope Safety Barrier - Cable

With the introduction of the iRAP Star Rating for a highway’s safety, critical for a 5 Star rating is the separation of oncoming vehicles and protection from roadside hazards, wire rope safety barrier (WRSB) has become a key countermeasure in these designs. Cross-median accidents are typically violent collisions with a high probability of multiple serious injuries and death.

MashFlex is a 4-rope barrier assessed in accordance with MASH Test Level 3 (TL3) and TL4. This system supersedes Flexfence, which was Australia’s preferred WRSB system under the NCHRP-350 testing protocol.

The straight alignment of the ropes allows for easy installation and tensioning. Post footings are typically concrete with a sleeve to form a recess. Once the anchors and footings are poured, the ropes are cut to length, stainless steel end fittings are machine swaged and the ropes are tensioned.