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KonaPost® Delineator

The KonaPost® is an excellent alternative to traditional orange cones. It is ideal for reoccurring applications where orange cones or markers are often impacted and must be quickly deployed in specific patterns on a regular basis.

The unique design of the KonaPost® enables it to take multiple impacts and stay in place. It has been tested to take over 200 direct wheel impacts at 72 kmh. The flexible 152mm plug easily inserts into a hot-dip galvanised steel receptacle that is recessed into the pavement. The posts can be deployed when needed and quickly removed by lifting them out of the pavement receptacles.

Features & Benefits:
- Extremely impact resistant.
- 360° full visibility.
- No protruding metal parts.
- One piece post construction.
- Withstands extreme temperatures.
- Easy placement.
- Reflective sheeting available.
- Available in white, yellow and orange (custom colours available)


Drawing Number Description Updated
CAB-STD-082 TL3+ FASTRACC System 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-091 TRACC Transition to Thriebeam 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-092 TRACC Transition to W Beam 03/08/2009
CAB-STD-07 TRACC Single Sided Transition to Concrete Barrier 03/08/2009