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BG800™ temporary barrier

The BG800™ portable steel barrier is the latest in road barrier technology, designed to protect both motorists and construction workers. Rigorously tested to meet the highest demands throughout the world, the BG800 has achieved the highest performance levels of any portable steel barrier up to NCHRP350 TL-3 or TL-4, MASH TL-3 and Security PAS 68.

The BG800’s unique stepped profile has proven to reduce damage to both vehicle and barrier during impact, minimising the need for repair or replacement. During impact, the BG800 provides an extremely shallow exit angle for the vehicle, minimising the risk of secondary accidents.

BG800’s galvanised steel structure offers an expected life cycle of 25 years and with its exceptional durability, the need for replacement through handling or impact damage, unlike similar portable barriers, is greatly reduced.

At only 90kg per metre and with 6 or 12m modules available, up to 144m can be loaded on a truck bed, providing high savings in transportation when compared with similar concrete or steel systems. In addition, BG800’s ‘Quick-Link’ connection allows for rapid installation, at speeds of up to 300m per hour with just three operatives – offering clients and contractors a vast saving in both time and labour resources when compared to conventional high performance portable systems.


  • Easilyinstalled Unique connector design allows installation of up to 300 metres of barrier per hour. Greater lengths of barrier to be installed in a shortened time, gets the road to open to the public faster and the works started sooner. Quicker to install than concrete barrier - longer unit lengths of 6m and 12m requiring less joining and safer to handle than concrete barrier.
  • Versatile. Available in 6 and 12 metre section lengths with special angle sections for tight radii. Assuring protection even around junctions and roundabouts.
  • Easily assessed. Emergency access gate system available. Giving access to work crews or emergency services within longer work zones.
  • Durable. Proven to withstand multiple design impacts without need for major repair or replacement. Assuring better return on your investment while providing the highest safety standards.
  • Light weight. Cheaper and quicker to transport – up to 4 times more barrier per load than concrete (up to 144m per truckload)
  • Proven. Approved and deployed in over 20 countries worldwide including UK, US, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Qatar, Singapore and New Zealand, the BG800 is also accepted in all states of Australia.