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Road Safety Barriers

Holbrook Bypass (NSW)



About Holbrook Bypass (NSW)

Abigroup Ltd.

Supply of 13.5km Flexfence Wire Rope Safety Barrier in both median and verge applications. Supply of 8km Flexbeam Guardrail with ET2000 Plus and MELT end terminals.

The $247 million Holbrook bypass opened to traffic in August 2013. Funded by the Federal and NSW governments, the 9.5km bypass was built to improve safety and transport efficiency, and offer travel time and fuel savings for vehicles moving between Sydney and Melbourne. 
Key features -

  • Four-lane divided carriageway with a 110km/h speed limit.
  • A full-diamond northern interchange on Wagga Wagga Road with northbound and southbound on and off load ramps.
  • A full-diamond southern interchange near the existing Hume Highway with southbound and northbound on and off load ramps.
  • Twin bridges over Culcairn Road.
  • Twin bridges over Ten Mile Creek.
  • Landscape and urban design treatments to minimise visual impact and provide 'gateway' treatments to Holbrook.