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Road Safety Barriers

Kwinana Freeway (WA)



About the Kwinana Freeway (WA)

HAS Group
Main Roads WA

Supply of 12km of Flexfence TL4 wire rope safety barrier, with leading and departure ends terminated with the non-release Flexfence TL3 Terminal.

The Kwinana Freeway is a 72km freeway in and beyond the southern suburbs of Perth, WA, linking central Perth with Mandurah to the south. Along its length are interchanges with several major roads, including Roe Highway and Mandjoogoordap Drive.

Following a number of run-off-road incidents, including a fatal crash in April 2014 where a vehicle crossed the median into the path of oncoming traffic, Main Roads WA initiated an upgrade of safety infrastructure along the freeway. Following analysis of the locations with highest risk and history of laneway departure incidents, some 12km of freeway was deemed in need of a safety barrier to contain errant vehicles. The project has been broken into two phases, Phase 1 was completed in July 2014, this comprised approximately 5km of the upgrade. Phase 2 comprises the remaining 7km.