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Road Safety Barriers

Lower Chittering Road (WA)



About the project:

Shire of Chittering / Erections WA

Supply of 3.4km of Ezy-Guard Smart with Ingal MPR terminated with ET2000 Plus end-terminals.

Due to its proven high performance, the Ezy-Guard Smart system with Ingal MPR rail was chosen to future proof many of the safety aspects on the Lower Chittering Road. This is a highly used route for Motorcyclist’s in WA. The Lower Chittering Road follows the natural curves of the valley. This leads to long winding corners perfect for the motoring enthusiast. Utilising Ezy-Guard Smart with the MPR provided protection for all road users. Installations include verge applications to prevent run off-road vehicles from impacting rigid road side hazards or entering non-recoverable embankments. These verge installations are terminated by the energy absorbing ET2000 Plus end terminal.