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Road Safety Barriers

Majura Parkway (ACT)



About the Majura Parkway (ACT)

Michael Deane Fencing Pty. Ltd

Supply of 10kms of Flexfence wire rope safety barrier in median and verge applications terminated with the non-release TL3 Terminal.

Supply of 5km of G4 guardrail with energy absorbing ET2000 Plus end-terminals, trailing terminals and rigid transitions.

The Majura Parkway project is a $288 million investment in the ACT’s regional transport network and is the single largest road infrastructure investment ever made in the ACT. The project was jointly funded in 2011 by the Commonwealth and ACT Governments. Currently, the Majura Road carries approximately 18,000 vehicles a day, of which 2,800 are commercial or heavy freight vehicles.

The upgrade will deliver 11.5 kilometres of dual carriageway linking the Monaro Highway, in the vicinity of Pialligo, with the Federal Highway. It will be a high standard duplicated road with two lanes in each direction and a speed limit of 100 km/h. The Parkway will run through the Majura Valley duplicating the existing Majura Road in the northern section and a new road will continue south of the Molonglo River on an alignment to the west of the existing Majura Road. The Majura Parkway is forecast to carry around 40,000 vehicles a day including up to 6,000 trucks by 2030.