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Road Safety Barriers

NorthLink Stage 2, Perth (WA)



About the project:

Lain O’Rourke and BGC Contracting, WA

Supply of 52km of Ingal Flexfence TL4, among other road safety barrier products.

The NorthLink WA Central Section consists of the first section of the Perth Darwin National Highway, and includes nearly 20km of highway with four interchanges, from Reid Highway to Eleenbrook. Being delivered by the joint venture between Lain O’Rourke and BGC Contracting, the $417 million project comprises the Stage Two of the $1.12 billion NorthLink WA initiative. Having started in 2016 and with expected delivery of mid-2019, the NorthLink Central Section aims to reduce congestion and to eliminate two of Perth’s most dangerous intersections, with road safety a key driver of this project. To help mitigate the risks from roadway departure, the Flexfence wire rope safety barrier was chosen for verge and median locations. Among other road safety barrier products, a total of 52km of Ingal Flexfence Test Level 4 system will be provided by Ingal to the construction of NorthLink WA, of which 17km are designated to the Stage 2 Central Section of the project. This wire rope barrier was selected due to its high containment capacity and full compliance with NCHRP-350 TL4 and EN1317-2 H2 containment levels, offering the best opportunity in achieving MainRoads WA ‘Towards Zero’ goals.