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Road Safety Barriers

Western Highway (VIC)



About the Majura Parkway (ACT)

Lend Lease
Premier Fencing Pty. Ltd

Supply of 4.5km of Ezy-Guard Smart terminated with ET2000 Plus end-terminals and VicRoads trailing terminals.

Supply of 7k of Flexfence WRSB terminated with the non-release TL3 Terminal.

This project was jointly funded by both Federal and State Governments and includes; duplicating the highway to an 'M' road standard; reducing travel time by improving capacity and setting a posted speed limit of 110km/hr. The Western Highway is one of Victoria's busiest rural highways and most significant interstate freight routes. Currently, the Western Highway serves interstate trade and supports farming, grain production,tourism and a range of regional manufacturing and service activities.

Due to its proven high performance, the Ezy-Guard Smart system was chosen to future proof many of the safety aspects on the highway. Installations include median and verge applications to prevent run off-road vehicles from impacting rigid road side hazards or entering non-recoverable embankments. These verge installations are terminated by the energy absorbing ET2000 Plus end terminal.