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THRIEBEAM Guardrail Crash Barriers

An important attribute of THRIEBEAM guardrail car barriers are their high level of performance especially for large vehicles. Due to the greater height of the rail face, THRIEBEAM guardrails and bollards provide reduced deflection and improved resistance to vehicle vaulting or under running. The reduced dynamic deflection and maintenance demand makes THRIEBEAM guardrail ideally suited for major facilities carrying a high volume of high-speed traffic. THRIEBEAM guardrail should also be used in transition from FLEXBEAM guardrail to more rigid barriers. This significantly reduces the deflection of the barrier system at transition to the rigid barrier.

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Drawing Number Description Updated
MD.R132.F02.A.1 Thriebeam Assembly using Standard Blocking Pieces 01-07-2001
MD.R132.F03.A.1 Thriebeam Assembly using Notched Blocking Pieces 01-07-2001