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Guardrail Post Cap

The use of steel roadside barriers in areas of pedestrian or cyclist activity may result in contact with the back of the guardrail system. This may cause injury to pedestrians or damage to clothing and equipment.

Ingal Civil Products has developed a capping system that can be attached to new or existing FLEXBEAM guardrail and THRIEBEAM guardrail installations with C Posts. Manufactured from durable polymers, the Ingal Post Cap shields the sharp edges of the post and blocking piece. Whether the installation is fitted with steel blocks, Ingal Blocks or no blocks, the Ingal Post Cap provides an aesthetic, rapid and safe solution for all roadside users.

Manual Tab.
Drawing Number Description Updated
C Post with Steel Block 21-07-2008
C Post without Block 21-07-2008
C Post with Ingal Block 21-07-2008
EZY-SM-130 Z Post Cap Assembly Installation Options 13-07-2016