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Flexbeam Guardrail Crash Barrier

Please note, inline with the Austroads transition to MASH compliant systems, the G4 and Type B safety barriers may no longer be approved for new installs in your jurisdiction, please consult your local Ingal representative for further information. For a fully compliant MASH TL3 guardrail barrier, please refer to our Ezy-Guard Smart W-Beam system.

Ingal Civil Products' FLEXBEAM guardrail is a semi-rigid roadside safety barrier which is deemed to comply with NCHRP-350 Test Level 3. The system comprises W-Beam mounted on a post and block configuration, with slight variances to meet state specifications. For a MASH TL3 / AS/NZS3845:2015 compliant W-Beam system, please refer to Ezy-Guard Smart.

NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia use a variant of the G4 W-Beam guardrail system with the public domain system in Victoria and Tasmania being Type B guard fence. The main difference with these systems is the post profile where the G4 uses a ‘C’ post and the Type-B guard fence using a 'U' post profile. For further detail on these specifications, please refer to the technical drawings.

The high visibility of FLEXBEAM guardrail car barriers creates driver confidence. This is an intangible but exceedingly important factor. At night or in fog conditions, the excellent visibility of W-Beam guardrail highlights the limit of safe travel and reduces dangerous centre line crowding.

The post and block design of FLEXBEAM guardrail reduces wheel snagging and the consequential effects of vaulting or rollover. This design benefit makes FLEXBEAM guardrail an appropriate choice alongside raised medians and gutters, which may otherwise act as trip hazards causing vehicles to dive, launch into or roll over other barriers.


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Concave W-Beam



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AASHTO G4 W Beam Assembly with Ingal Block



AASHTO G4 W Beam Assembly



Victorian Type B Guardfence